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We at Pathways Support Services believe in the importance of having staff who are qualified to undertake the specialist role of assisting young people in their journey to gain the confidence and experience to deal with everyday problems many of us take for granted.  This is why we give an assurance that all of our staff having direct contact with young people will at a minimum be qualified to NVQ level 2 and will have undertook a full CRB check before engaging in direct work with any young person.

Pathways Support Service's do engage peripatetic workers with particular expertise in areas such as mental health and substance misuse and the staffing arrangements for each young person placed with our service will be determined by a full assessment, involving the placing agency and a manager from Pathways Support Services.

It is our belief at Pathways Support Services that our staffing selection should focus on attracting people who demonstrate an understanding of the pressures and demands placed on young people in today’s environments. We place a high emphasis on staff having an awareness of the motivations and influences that determine how young people respond to everyday life. We believe that this helps to actively engage with young people in a manner that connects with some of the reasons and motivations regarding aspects of their behaviour.

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Our   TEAM

Neil Turner

Team Manager

"I've been working for Pathways as the Senior Mentor since August 2011. I'm the one that you'll see ensuring that everything runs smoothly, that you're all seen when you should be and that the mentors are working to give you the best service possible.   My background is in Youth and Community Work, having worked in this area since 1999, with my degree being in Youth And Community work. 

What we do at Pathways gives young people a firm footing for when they move on from us at 18. We aim to equip all young people with the skills to be able to maintain their own tenancy, and be a part of their local community. As part of our package, we aim to encourage all young people we work with to engage in some form of education, training or employment, and as a result boosting their self-esteem! 

The part of my job i enjoy the most, is what I refer to as deferred payback - a moment when something happens long after the initial work was carried out! It's those moments that make the job worthwhile, especially when you can see that your actions have made a real difference! "

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I have been working in the care sector for over 10 years and with Pathways for the last 12 months.  As part of a great team of Support Mentors promoting the social development of young people aged between 16 and 18, my aim is to engage young people, redress inequalities, value opinions and empower individuals to take action on issues affecting their lives, including health, education, unemployment, housing, keeping safe, everyday living skills and sound advice , by developing positive skills and attitudes with a bespoke engagement to bring out the best in the each individual.